Welcome To Eli’s Restaurant at Hotel Boutique Casa Carolina

Located in Hotel Boutique Casa Carolina, Santa Marta. Eli’s offers an exquisite dining experience with creative and beautifully presented international dishes inspired by Colombian passion. Choose to be seated in the Colonial restaurant, poolside lounge or on romantic rooftop terraces. Our head chef Ana Mendoza selects the freshest natural  ingredients, sourced locally and organically wherever possible. All dishes are 100% prepared in house at the moment you order.

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Spicy mango salad with jalapeñas, cucumber and avocado (Spicy & Vegan) – $12,000

Greek salad with cucumber, pepper, rocket, olives, creole potatoes and a feta cheese (Vegetarian) – $18,000

Caprese salad with basil and almond pesto and mozzarella di bufala (Vegetarian)- $20,000

House salad with grilled chicken or prawns, lime and passion fruit reduction – $22,000

Cesar salad with chicken or fresh grilled salmon, parmesan and croutons – $22,000 (salmon + $3,000)

All salads can be served as a large main dish (+ $10,000)

Side portion of salad, freshly prepared sauteed vegetables, avocado – $8,000



Freshly prepared guacamole with homemade corn chips (Spicy & Vegan) – $12,000

Mediterranean brushettas prepared with fresh tomato, basil and parmesan (Vegetarian) – $15,000

Pork belly, accompanied by tomato salsa and guacamole patacon nests (Vegetarian) – $18,000

Fresh fish dippers with calamari rings, accompanied by sweet and sour chilli sauce (Spicy) – $20,000

Totopos; homemade corn chips with tomato salsa, grilled with mozzarella and parmesan cheese (Vegetarian) – $20,000

Breaded prawns on apple and almond carpaccio, accompanied by feta and rocket salad – $25,000

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Prawn cocktail, traditional Colombian style with onion, lime and crackers (Spicy) – $20,000

Prawn ceviche with diced tomato, onion and mango (Spicy) – $20,000

Peruvian style bass ceviche on bed of cucumber carpaccio, slithers of rocoto pepper and crunchy grains of corn (Spicy) – $22,000

Mixed prawn and seabass ceviche with orange zest, sesame oil and red onion (Spicy) – $22,000

Tuna sashimi marinaded in ponzu sauce with humous and avocado coulis – $25,000

Carpaccio of salmon with teriyaki and passion fruit marinade, served with a relish of mango, cucumber and radish – $25,000

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Lounge Menu

Carolina Burger; 100% beef with bacon, caramelised onion and avocado, lettuce, tomato and homemade bun – $25,000

Carolina Veggie; quinoa and lentil burger; with gherkin, onion, avocado, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard dressing (Vegan) – $25,000

Club Sandwich, home-baked baguette with tuna, ham and/or cheese, or chicken (Vegetarian) – $25,000

Pork chop in tamarind and ginger sweet and sour reduction – $27,000 

Grilled chicken breast rosemary marinaded, with mustard mayonnaise, steamed rice – $27,000

Fish and Chips; breaded bass flet with coriander aioli – $28,000

Grilled rump steak with traditional chimichurri sauce – $30,000

*Dishes accompanied with fried or boiled creole potatoes and lime dressed salad

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Main Courses

Penne a la Arrabiata, tomato sauce, fresh basil, slightly spicey, topped with freshly grated parmesan and garlic toasts (Vegetarian) – $28,000

Teriyaki chicken flet served with steamed rice and fresh sauteed vegetables (Spicy) – $28,000

Red snapper flet served in lulo coulis, rocket and quinoa salad with seasonal vegetables – $30,000

Fresh sea bass steamed in citrus and passion fruit sauce, served with rice, fresh vegetable salad – $30,000

Grilled salmon flet on bed of almond and cranberry citrus couscous, and tzatziki – $32,000

Filet mignon in red current and wine reduction, sweet potato chips and baby sauteed vegetables – $34,000

Pasta Marinera with octopus, langostines, calamar, clams, in a white parsley and bacon sauce – $34,000




Deserts – $12,000

Homemade chocolate brownie served with ice-cream

Lime cheesecake

Chocolate tropical fruit fondue

Fruit crepe with orange liquor sauce

Petits Fours – Espresso with assorted sweets

(Baileys espresso +3,000)



Wine 150ml / 750ml

Vega Lara Tempranilla, 2010 España · 13,000 · 55,000

Principe Alfonso Cab Sau-Syrah-Merlot, 2006 España · 13,000 · 55,000

Doña Paula Reserva Malbec, 2012 Argentina · 13,000 · 55,000

Doña Paula Estate Gran Reserva Malbec, 2011 Argentina · 14,000 · 60,000

Carmen Gran Reserva Merlot, 2011 Chile · 14,000 · 60,000

Tres Palacios Gran Reserva Merlot, 2010 Chile · 14,000 · 60,000

Escorihuela Gascon Gran Res. Pinot Noir, 2012 Argentina · 14,000 · 60,000

Doña Paula Gran Reserva Malbec-Syrah, 2011 Argentina · 14,000 · 60,000

Doña Paula Sauvignon Blanc, Argentina · 13,000 · 55,000

Caliterra Sauvignon Blanc, Chile · 13,000 · 55,000

Caliterra Chardonnay, Chile · 13,000 · 55,000

Familia Gascon Rose Malbec-Sangiovese, Argentina · 12,000 · 50,000

Escorihuela Gascon Extra Brut espumoso, Argentina · 15,000 · 50,000

Viña Maipo Brut espumoso Chard-Ries-Chenin Bl, Chile · 15,000 · 55,000

Making Martinis


Aguila, Aguila Light, Club Colombia – $5,000

Michelada cool beer with salt rim and refreshing shot of lemon juice – $6,000

Spirits 40ML

National – Ron Medellín, Aguardiente, Tequila Jose Cuervo, Stolichnaya Vodka –  $7,000 (bottle $100,000)

Imported – Bacardi 8 años, Absolut Vodka, Remy Martin, Baileys, Disaronno, Tanqueray Gin, Old Parr Whisky – $10,000

Premium – Ron Zacapa, Hendricks Gin, JW Black Label Whisky, Glenfddich Whisky 12 años – $14,000

Carolina’s Cocktails $15,000

2×1 Happy Hour 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Best Margaritas in town (traditional, mango, strawberry, passion fruit), Piña Colada, Mojito, Daikiri, Cuba Libre, Caipiroska, any other cocktail you request!

Coctail without letra

Cool Drinks

Coca Cola, Coca Cola Light, Sprite, Water – $4,000 

Fresh juice – $5,000

Fruit milkshake $6,000

Smoothies $8,000

Conpassion – Orange, pineapple, passion, dash of fresh ginger

La Canoa de Naia – Pineapple, banana, passion fruit and ginger

Coco Limon – Coconut, lime with a ginger tinge

Pineapple Green – Pineapple with fresh mint

Lost in Translation – ‘Lulo’, strawberry, raspberry

Plumango – Mango and plum, with milk and yoghurt

Banamorana – Banana, raspberry, best as a milkshake

Hot coffee

Warm Drinks

‘Americano’ traditional long coffee – $3,000 

Espresso Cafe Minca organically grown in the Sierra Nevada – $3,000

European herbal tea selection $4,000

Traditional espresso machiato, as espresso with foamed milk $4,000

Cappuccino or Latte with milk and foam to taste – $6,000

Hot Chocolate with organic Colombian cocoa, sweetened to taste with organic sugar – $6,000

Espresso Carolina with Arequipe or condensed milk – $6,000

Traditional mocachino latte iced coffee $6,000

Espresso Costeño with shot of Brandy, Whisky, Baileys – $8,000

Mocachino Carolina iced latte with shot – $10,000


Breakfast à la carte

Cereals – $5,000

Fresh Fruit – $5,000

Muesli served with fruit and yoghurt – $6,000

House toast with jams – $6,000

Eggs ‘al gusto’ with toast – $7,000

Colombian daily special – $8,000

Breakfast Menu – $25,000

A hot drink , ur refreshing juices of the day, fresh fruit selection, homemade breads and jams, plus your choice of:

Light options · cereals · muesli · yoghurt

Eggs · boiled · ‘perico’ · scrambled · fried

Local options · specialties each day

More dining options?