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On November 3, 2014
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Choosing a hotel in Santa Marta? Not sure between a Boutique Hotel or a luxury hotel chain? Read Casa Carolina's five reasons to go Boutique

Many of Casa Carolina’s guests select our Boutique Hotel experience over the larger luxury resorts of Irotama and Decameron when looking for a hotel in Santa Marta. Without a doubt, a luxury hotel of 300 rooms offer a visitor to Santa Marta plenty. With vast swimming pool complexes, expansive buffet restaurants and lines of reception staff on hand, how can Casa Carolina’s ten luxury rooms possibly compete? Read the top five reasons our guests tell us they have gone Boutique

Five reasons to choose a Boutique Hotel in Santa Marta

1. A Personal Touch. From your first contact, whether an initial enquiry or booking a room at Casa Carolina, we are dedicated to offering a customised service ensuring your experience at Casa Carolina, and in the surrounding area, is absolutely fantastic. First we aim to totally exceed your expectations within Casa Carolina’s historical walls – selecting the most suitable of our ten unique luxury rooms for you, tailoring your Spa treatments, romantic packages or private rooftop dinners. Beyond Casa Carolina, our bespoke concierge services take the pain out of researching and organising transport to and from your hotel in Santa Marta, can advise on and book activities and tours in the stunning natural surrounds, and recommend the latest and finest dining and nightlife options, as well as any other challenge you set us! On a personal level, it’s so important to us that you are delighted by your five star experience at Hotel Boutique Casa Carolina.

2. A Warm Welcome. Whether our driver awaits you at the airport, or we first welcome you by name at reception with a cool towel and refreshing natural lemonade, you will immediately feel the personal warmth of our hand-picked staff. Many are family or long-time friends, creating a unique and intimate environment. With a small team, we can better ensure staff wellbeing than in a hotel employing hundreds. Each individual member of Hotel Boutique Casa Carolina knows they are key to making your experience unforgettable; and their happiness, motivation and ongoing career training is an important part of this.

3. Attention to Detail. The devil is in the detail and often a detail can make all the difference. As we own and manage Casa Carolina ourselves, we are constantly looking for improvements and we quickly implement new ideas. Since opening ten months ago we have added vegetarian and vegan options to our all-day menu, introduced full and complementary baby and kids equipment, and offer free tablet computers at reception. The detail extends to delighting guests through Casa Carolina’s design and architecture. You will love local artists and sculptures’ work on display in all rooms and lounges, a photographic timeline of the restoration process, giant handcrafted wooden chess sets, and flowing greenery in the en-suite bathrooms. Hotel Boutique Casa Carolina has spared nothing in offering the finest natural materials, high class fittings and latest high tech equipment.

4. A Colombian Experience. In contrast to an all-inclusive resort, Casa Carolina is a hotel located in the historic centre of Santa Marta, a real and working town (one of the earliest settlements in the Americas). We think seeing real Colombians living their daily lives, and being surrounded by historic buildings and a fine selection of independent cafes and restaurants, offers a wholly more authentic experience. Casa Carolina is a totally renovated and remodelled Colonial House dating from the 18th Century, re-opened in December 2013 as a Boutique Hotel. Hotel Boutique Casa Carolina – two streets from the Plaza de Bolivar, Gold Museum and Mayor’s building – lies on the old crypt of our neighbouring Iglesia de San Francisco. We even found a cannonball embedded in a wall during the building work!

5. Intimate Spaces. Hotel Boutique Casa Carolina is probably the hotel in Santa Marta offering most space per guest. A maximum of 25 guests enjoy ten unique and luxury rooms, and over 300m² of communal space. This includes a 35m² pool, two jacuzzis, roof terraces, sun decks and a massage parlour, as well as lounge areas, hammocks and a unique restored Colonial restaurant. Our rooms are very generously proportioned, from standard Twin-Doubles of 25m² to a duplex Loft of 80m², a majority with private balconies or terraces. If you want to be social, you will find other guests are friendly, informal and relaxed, just like us. But if you are looking for intimacy, Hotel Boutique Casa Carolina also offers you this luxury.

So, if your experience of a luxury hotel in Santa Marta is not described above, perhaps it’s time to Go Boutique! For more information about Hotels in Santa Marta, Activities in Santa Marta, or anything else, please visit

Choosing a hotel in Santa Marta? Not sure between a Boutique Hotel or a luxury hotel chain? Read Casa Carolina's five reasons to go Boutique