Boutique Hotel, Santa Marta, Colombia

At Hotel Boutique Casa Carolina we have welcomed over 1,500 guests in our first twelve months of operations in Santa Marta, Colombia. As we celebrate 100 great reviews on Tripadvisor, we reflect on What Is Great Customer Service at a Boutique Hotel…?

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Exceed Expectations, not Budgets

Starting with luxurious space and facilities, way beyond the competition. Casa Carolina offers more than thirty different spots to recline with a book (in addition to your spacious room’s adjoining lounge). In the shade or sun; by the pool or on a terrace looking out to sea; on a lounger, sofa, hammock, daybed, or with a freshly brewed Cappuccino in one of Cafe Carolina‘s 50 seats, with gourmet restaurant-cafe-bar available from 7am-10pm. At our boutique hotel in Santa Marta we boast the largest pool in Santa Marta’s historic centre, a second Jacuzzi on our sun terrace, and over 500 square metres of communal space (patios, pool, terraces, cafe, restaurant, bar, hammocks, lounges). All of this for just ten luxury bedrooms for a maximum of 25 guests…

In room facilities and world-class amenities rival top hotels around the world. Luxury natural bathroom collections, Egyptian cotton towels and linen, design furniture and a suite of top electronics including Google Nexus tablets, and flat screen international TVs / Ipad docking stations in every room. Contrary to most Boutique Hotels in Santa Marta, our contemporary rooms are spacious and uncomplicated, leaving space for your stuff, not cluttered with ours. Bright natural lighting and ventilation, complemented by low-energy LED lighting, aircon and solar panels, natural restored materials are combined with modern high class finishing.

We commit to ensure your entire experience in and around Santa Marta is exceptional. Because we are a boutique hotel in Santa Marta our Concierge service puts itself in your shoes, using your wishes and our in depth personal experience to recommend the very best options for trips, transport, restaurants and activities. If we don’t know the answer, we will do our very best to find out, so you can focus on what matters most – enjoying your time off in Santa Marta!

Beyond the basics, we understand little touches make all the difference. An attention to detail – not only in making spaces inviting and relaxing – but with a human touch will add delight to your day. A refreshing drink and cool herbal towel on arrival, as your bags are whisked to your room (where local home-made sweets await). Complementary coffee, tea, fruit and iced water available all day. We don’t want to give away all our secrets, but these touches demonstrate our delight in delighting.

Operating our boutique hotel in Santa Marta efficiently allows us to offer guests exceptional and accessible luxury at fair prices. We benchmark ourselves daily against other alternatives in Santa Marta and we truly believe we offer the very best value luxury you will find.

Every One is Different

We understand that every interaction is different. While we apply the same professionalism, honesty, strong values and utmost respect to all our guests, staff and suppliers alike, we also treat each visitor as an individual. Receiving Great Service is a very personal experience and we tailor the level of formality, contact time and style to each guest. This subtlety of course depends on culture, background, age, and above all personality. As an owner-run independent hotel, Casa Carolina is characterized by it’s boutique hotel informal and relaxed family environment. By design, we seek to create an atmosphere where guests feel like “invitados”, not just travellers passing through. Visitors from outside Colombia (60% of our guests) are attracted by the informality and warmth of Colombia’s culture, and we see no reason to hide this within Casa Carolina.

We apply the same policies to our staff and suppliers, many of whom we knew years before Casa Carolina began operating (several since birth). Working with our team of 15 talented professionals, many with experience of different cultures and languages, is a daily pleasure to see how their passion and charisma make Casa Carolina’s atmosphere stand out. We truly are one of the best boutique hotels in Santa Marta.

Constantly Improving

While we are convinced we already offer guests an unbeatable experience, we feed on your feedback and on improving Casa Carolina every single day. We never stop looking for ways to improve; facilities, service, rooms and your dining experience. We constantly review our guests’ experiences with our transport and activity partners, ensuring they are offering the best services possible. Our commitment to quality begins with a full time maintenance employee, on hand for immediate solutions to anything we can throw at him. We believe this investment is worthwhile in preserving our historic Colonial building perfectly in tact, and ensuring our contemporary accommodation remains contemporary. Eduardo is also a fine hand at fixing suitcases, prams, necklaces, shoes, and any number of other guest requests!

We constantly review and update our processes to make the reservation, ongoing communication, checkin/out and general administrative aspects of your stay more and more streamlined. Making sure our operations are as efficient as possible allows us to offer you even more at even better value.

In 2014 we reinvested our entire profit into Casa Carolina, adding a new roof terrace, spa, second Jacuzzi, and investing in delightful art and sculptures by local artists. We are not done yet, and guests in 2015 will find plenty of nice new surprises in the familiar and welcoming setting that is Hotel Boutique Casa Carolina.